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January / February

Waterfowl Hunting is at it's best in January and Winter fishing should not be overlooked!  
Good numbers of Redfish and Speckle Trout spend the Winter in our waters.  Cold  clear water this time of year often presents us with unique opportunities for sight casting to schooling Redfish.  
Speckle Trout Fishing peaks during warm spells and slows during freezing periods.   The incredibly clear water during the Winter is sometimes reason enough to get out and scout the local waters!
March / April

Spring fishing means warming water and warming water brings large numbers of schooling Redfish to our area!  The water is still crystal clear and the sun angle gets higher each passing day giving us some of the best sight casting opportunities of the year!   Schools of sevral hundred hungry Redfish are not uncommon!   The Speckle Trout fishing can be good this time of year, as large females move into the backwaters to spawn.  
May / June / July

Summer is a spectacular time at the Southern OuterBanks and brings the migration of a variety of sought after species within our reach.   Cobia move up the coast in early May and can be caught both inside and just outside the inlets.  These are large powerful fish and are known to be great table fare.  Giant "Hatteras" Bluefish  move into our area during the month of May taking a short break from their northward migration.  We specialize in sight casting for these fish catching them on topwater lures!  Flounder fishing begins in early summer and we target them in a variety of ways.  Drift fishing the inlets with live bait is a favorite method while Flounder Gigging has become extremely popular!  Spanish Mackerel establish their presence during summer around the inlets and just off the beaches.  Sight casting and light tackle slow trolling  are effective and fun ways to catch Spanish.  Coastal Shark fishing is at its best during these months.  We target Blacktips and Spinner Sharks sight casting and with natural bait!   These sharks are known for their incredible spinning leaps out of the water.   A very exciting and physically challenging fishery!   We cant forget our favorite fish,  the Redfish  this time of year.   When Reds settle into a summer pattern  we have opportunities for both sight casting and "pro style" location fishing in the marshes, grass flats and backwater bays.   Speckle Trout fishing is an early morning activity this time of year.  The Trout bite peaks at sun rise and is usually over by mid morning.     

August / September

Late summer is the time for "OLD Drum".   Adult Red Drum in the 40 ~ 60 # range are our target during these months.   We fish the waters of the Southern Pamlico Sound and the Lower Neuse River for these trophy fish with a success rate of over 95%.  Trips are run during late afternoon and evening hours and dates for these fishing trips tend to book up fast!    Night time Flounder Gigging is very productive this time of year and is a great way to beat the daytime heat.  Light tackle fishing for RedfishTroutFlounderSpanish Mackerel and Bluefish is most productive during the early morning hours.   
October / November / December

Fall fishing!  The best time of year for a variety of light tackle species.  Speckle Trout has returned to it's rightful place at the top of the fall fishing list.  We succesfuly fish the marshes, backwaters and beaches for these fish with light tackle and artificial baits.  Success rates are very high and these fish are great table fare.  Redfish and Flounder are hungry and aggressive this time of year and we are equally aggressive in targeting them during the fall.  Flounder Gigging peaks in October and we continue to find them through November.   False Albacore (Albies)  make their appearance just outside the inlets and off the beaches this time of year and are targeted with light tackle and fly rod.  Waterfowl Hunting begins during these months and the weather is not as harsh as January.
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Early explorer John White's drawing of Natives Fishing the waters of the Southern Outer Banks in the year 1585.   It was said that this area contained "the goodliest and best fish in the world and in great abundance"

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